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Hosting is provided using Brixly. As a reseller, we can offer prices even better than Brixly’s own prices.  As Brixly are a UK company, downtime during the working day is very unlikely.   See the reviews at TrustPilot

The following text is taken from Brixly’s website:

The Best WordPress Hosting Provider 2022: Brixly Wins Silver Award!

Now that we are in the new year, Brixly has a special announcement about our WordPress hosting!

At the end of 2022 we and other 17 web hosting providers were nominated for the Monster Awards 2022. The nomination was for the ‘Best WordPress Hosting Providers‘ annual award, hosted by Template Monster.

This award is one to add to the collection after winning ‘The Best Independent hosting brand’ in 2020’, ‘Best Independent Web Hosting Platform’ in 2021, ‘Customer Service Excellence Award in 2022’, ‘The Best Independent Web Hosting Platform in 2022’ and ‘The Top Website 2022″.


Best WordPress

After months of voting and 17 top industry players nominated, we came undeniably close to taking the the gold place, just 2% off that mark. In the end, Brixly took 2nd place with 24% votes overall. Leaving a margin of more than 13% between us and Hostpapa who took 3rd place. This is incredible news for us, we always strive to be the best at what we do and offering award winning WordPress services is quite the achievement.

Dennis Nind, the Founder and CEO at Brixly commented…“It is an absolute honour to get recognised by Template Monster for the hard work, devotion and care that goes into the Brixly brand each and every day. I would like to thank our incredible team for their hard work and commitment. We will continue to push the business into 2023 with our ultimate goal, which is to set a new industry standard for WordPress Hosting. Hopefully we get gold this year :)”

The Best WordPress Hosting Provider 2022: Brixly Wins Silver Award! 1

Above are some of the runner up hosting companies nominated for the award. Including some of the biggest names in the industry.